GlobeXplore Setting (2)/ Google Map setting

GoogleMap 画面からAPIキー設定 drone simulator
GoogleMap 画面からAPIキーを設定する

←Pre (Flying around the world with GlobeXplore (1)/First, let’s purchase GlobeXplore)

Now that you’ve finished installing GlobeXplore, you want to start flying around the world, but there’s still a bit of preparation to do. The following remains.
 1.Obtaining Google API key (API cooperation with MAPS Tiles)
 2.Linking your remote controller and GlobeXplore (axis settings)
Neither is so difficult, especially 2, which can be easily done once you have set it up once using VelociDrone or other flight simulators.

Now, let’s try、1.obtaining the Google API key (API cooperation with MAPS Tiles).There doesn’t seem to be much information about this topic on the internet. The following GlobeXplore support page is comprehensive, so I recommend you to proceed step by step. Even beginners can do it! (I was a beginner.)

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On this support page, it is stated that “With GlobeXplore version 1.3.0 or later, when the map cannot be loaded, you can use 3Dmap by obtaining the API separately.” However, basically, from the beginning I think you should get a Google API key.
There is also a video (Japanese) on the site for the steps to obtain the key, so you can obtain your API key quickly.

If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to register. (It’s not mentioned in the explanation.)

Google Maps Platform menu(Google Cloud)

You can check the obtained API key (characters) by selecting the “Keys and Credentials” menu.This API key is “only for you”, and this usage (time, frequency, etc.) will also be used for billing calculations, so you need to store it securely and make sure that it is not leaked to anyone else.Regarding billing for Google MAPS, as of September 2023, Google shows it as follows, and it seems that it can be used for free until 3 months after application, as long as it does not exceed this period, but after that… I don’t quite understand it yet (I’ll update if it changes)。At the moment, I can use it for free at my level of use. If you are interested, please check the Google Cloud charge details yourself.。

Google Cloud画面より

Anyway, you can now obtain the API key, and 1.obtaining the Google API key (API cooperation with MAPS Tiles) is clear. There’s only one thing left to prepare.
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