GlobeXplore Setting (1)/First, how to purchase GlobeXplore

GlobeXplore 起動画面 drone simulator
GlobeXplore 起動画面

This site (blog) is designed to help beginners who don’t know anything about drones use a drone FPV simulator called ” GlobeXplore ” to instantly travel around the world and fly around the world online. This page contains testimonials and video footage of the flight.
Since this is a blog post, the content so far is structured as follows. Please read what interests you.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of operating a drone, it’s time to get ready to fly around the world. The first step is to purchase the drone flight simulator GlobeXplore. GlobeXplore is a software that has only recently been released, so it does not advertise extensively. So, as a beginner, I was nervous, but I used the following site as a reference when purchasing. thank you!

パソコンでお城の空を跳ぼう! note初記事はTwitterの過去投稿をまとめる予定でしたが、あまりにも素晴らしいドローンシミュレータが登場したため変更です。 誰でも、3つの物が揃えば「空飛ぶお城巡り」ができます。始めるために実施した流れを...

However, if you are an amateur like me, there are many things to worry about. For those in the same situation, a more detailed explanation may be helpful. So, I will write down the steps I took. First, the official website ( The site has both English and Japanese notation (as of August 2023). rest assured.

GlobeXplore officia site (for the purchase of it)
GlobeXplore Official site (

Go to the Purchase paragraph. Since the OS of my PC is Windows 10, I decided to purchase “GlobeXplore 1.3.0 win”, which seems to be the latest version at this point.
(Note) Ver 1.3.4 was released on October 27, 2023. It’s working without any problems. Actually, ver 1.3.3 has a throttle boost function, which makes movement much faster (and easier). Of course ver 1.3.4 has the same performance. Thanks to developer Hajime-san.

GlobeXplore Official site (

The price is “$5.00 USD or more”. Even though the yen is weak, is it less than 750 yen? (1$=150yen) I felt such a price was so cheap, then I decided to purchase it for $15. (just like the reference site.)

GlobeXplore Official site (

Next, click the Download button. The size is 38MB, so it won’t take much time to download.

GlobeXplore Official site (

I decided to make the new folder and put the ZIP file directly under C:\. Actually didn’t think too much.

This is my PC’s folder confiigure.

Double-click the “GlobeXplore.exe” file. In the case of Windows, a warning like this will appear, but click “Details” → “Run”.

Windosws message

Then, oh, the initial screen started up!

GlobeXplore initial screen

However, this is not the end; a little more configuration work is required. Those are next time!

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